DNA Testing

DNA testing and nutrigenomics are the future of individualised healthcare and we at FEEL GOOD FITNESS have combined this LEADING EDGE SCIENCE with a powerful intensive Lifestyle  Program which includes:

Detox & Cleansing of your Gut(your 1st Brain)– Revamp your approach to nutrition.  Focusing more on making long-term, impactful changes that you can use for a lifetime.

Private Personal Training Sessions– Develop an amazing training foundation that you can use to not only move and feel better but any program/sport/activity(yoga) you choose to do.

Detox & Cleansing of Body/Mind and Brain– Resolve unlimited beliefs and paradoxes of life by learning tools and exercises to bio-hack your operating systems.c

DNA Testing of your unique genetic makeup.  These tests offer a range of nutrigenomic tests covering many aspects of health and chronic disease. Revamp your approach to nutrition/exercise and recovery.  Focusing on making long-term, impactful changes that you can use for a life-time. 

6 Main Profile Tests:

DNA Diet: One of the first products of its kind in the world, DNA Diet tests for 15 genes that impact metabolism and exercise.  The genes comprising the DNA Diet test have associations with body weight and body mass index.

DNA Health: The DNA Health test is designed to optimise well-being and health by personalising lifestyle and diet choices and, where necessary, using supplements tailored to offset any particular nutritional defecit based on specific gene variants.

DNA Sport: DNA Sport examines various biological areas that impact training and responsiveness and sporting performance.

DNA Mind: The DNA Mind test analyses 30 genes which have been shown to have significant associations with the key mental health disorders.

DNA Oestrogen: DNA Oestrogen includes 11 genes involved in oestrogen biosynthesis, oestrogen metabolism, and phase I and phase II detoxification, providing information to guide personalised diet, lifestyle, hormone, and nutraceutical recommendations.

DNA Gluten Sensitivity Report(Celiac Disease): DNA Gluten panel tests for two genetic haplotypes, HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ*.  99% of celiac disease patients have one of these haplotypes, whereas people with other haplotypes are very unlikely to develop the disease.

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